Beyond Physicalism


Introduction: Science and Spirituality at a Crossroads, Edward F. Kelly

PART I. The Essential Background: “Rogue” Phenomena in Search of a Theory

1. Empirical Challenges to Theory Construction, Edward F. Kelly

2. Mystical Experiences as Windows on Reality, Paul Marshall

PART II. Old and New Worldviews that Accommodate the Targeted Phenomena

3. The “Transmission” Model of Mind and Body: A Brief History, Michael Grosso

4.  A Psychobiological Perspective on “Transmission” Models, Edward F. Kelly and David E. Presti

5. A Quantum Mechanical Theory of the Mind/Brain Connection, Henry P. Stapp

6. Mind–Matter Correlations in Dual-Aspect Monism According to Pauli and Jung, Harald Atmanspacher and Wolfgang Fach

7. Hyperspatial Models of Matter and Mind, Bernard Carr

8. Platonic Siddhas: Supernatural Philosophers of Neoplatonism, Gregory Shaw

9. Patanjali’s Yoga Sūtras and the Siddhis, Edward F. Kelly and Ian Whicher

10. Conscious Body: Mind and Body in Abhinavagupta’s Tantra, Loriliai Biernacki

11. Why We Are Conscious of So Little: A Neo-Leibnizian Approach, Paul Marshall

12. Continuity of Mind: A Peircean Vision, Adam Crabtree

13. Mind Beyond Body: Transphysical Process Metaphysics, Eric M. Weiss

PART III. Putting the Pieces Together

14. Toward a Worldview Grounded in Science and Spirituality, Edward F. Kelly

15. The Emergence of Evolutionary Panentheism, Michael Murphy


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